90s kid. ♤ Queer. ♠ He/Him. ♤ Introvert. ♠ Pessimist. ♤ Dark-clad. ♠ Nerd. ♤ Writer. ♠ Olde soul. ♤ Young author. ♠ A.k.a. so done with this world.

I am a purveyor of the strange, unusual and taboo, an author who has finished three novels, a short story, and three novellas as of April 2020. My stories are for adults. Genres:

Pseudo-HorrorSupernaturalPsychological Horror
ParanormalAdult Fairytaleand a little bit of others

This is a landing page for all my relevant and active online haunts. Please, feel free to visit my Facebook page to the left for more information about my aspirations, projects, and more!
You'll come to find that despite my liking to stay rather annonymous, I am a friendly fellow who is only looking for like-minded individuals to gush over his stories with!
Welcome to my incomplete little world.

About Me

'Lo, humans. My name is Mar Qaroll. I am a 90s-born trans man from Southern Connecticut, USA. Hamden, to be precise.

Mar Qaroll

I've been writing since I was very young, longer than I have known the alphabet. Despite this, I have only truly started my writing journey in the past three years as of 2020.

In my stories, I sometimes include "taboo" topics, the REAL taboos—philias and illicit relationships and the like—often with a spin of it being "okay". This is regardless of my own stances on said topics. Detestable things will happen.

I am currently going to school for graphic design. My true passion, however, is to become the founder and creator of the ultimate alternative scene community for mature nerds, lolitas, goths, punks, rivetheads, and all in-between. This community will focus heavily on art, prose, and healthy lifestyles.

To begin my dream, I have created DeVerse, home of the division "EP" that will be a publishing house for my original stories. I just have to have a helluva lot of stories to have ready for publishing, first...

I do copyright my work. Do not test me or you shall face the wrath of KHAN a pissed-off, loaded-gunnin', lawyer-tootin', father-truckin' hell of a writer to deal with.

Qarollverse Developments

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June 2020

Camp NaNoWriMo is around the corner again. I'm still planning on working on God Noise, of course. I've been trying to tackle it seriously for a while, now...

Otherwise, my mental health is still quite poor. I still won't be working on my Facebook page or have anything in my Qarollverse blog.

—Jun. 3, 22:15

July 2020

No, I didn't do well as far as Camp NaNo goes, so that is a disappointment. However, I did manage to get 19 prompts, as of right now, done for World Anvil's Summer Camp. So, that's something.

Mental health-wise, I'm worse off than I was before. Hospitalization was brought up today at therapy...

—July 23, 19:53

Original Stories by Mar Qaroll

The following are informational blurbs and/or information of the stories I have completed. The stories/series are listed in order of their creation. Keep in mind that Inverse Sequences, The Molt Series, and Echoes of the Little Gods are overall, incomplete.

The Molt Series

The Molt Series

Paranormal | adult rating

The Molt Series tells the stories of events in the lives of two characters, Jean-Luc Lowell and Zelezh'arryel, a monster hunter and a devil-hybrid, respectively. Three stories, all in a subseries called Human Shed Skin, are from Jean's perspective, and three more are all from Zelezh'arryel's. The overall theme of the series is hiding behind the guise of humanity, what humanity means, learning that monsters can be human, and making a change within oneself for the sake of the discovery and/or realities of these truths.

The third part of Human Shed Skin should come in November 2020!

This series as a whole contains varying profanity in each story, graphic sex and sexual themes throughout all of Human Shed Skin, and graphic descriptions of violence, including gore, for all stories.

Azul's eyes

Passions of the Lune

Paranormal romance | adult rating

On his first visit to a nightclub, reclusive author Arius locks eyes with a man just as visibly displaced from the venue as he is mentally. The man is Herculean, impossibly tall, and with a yellow gaze that enraptures Arius in a wholly unnatural way. What ensues is hours of a passionate one-night stand, but that wasn't what it was to him. It was something more, something far stronger and intimate than that. Along with his desire for the man are frightening augments to his mentality and biology. As he begins to change, he can't help but wonder if the man was human or if he was something entirely unnatural.

This standalone story takes place in the same world as The Molt Series. Warning: there be werewolves. There are unholy amounts of graphic sex, sexual themes and (shockingly) mild language.

Inverse Sequences

The Thing is Dead

Science-fantasy romance | adult rating

The fourth story in Inverse Sequences, a science-fantasy series, is split in three parts. Of those three, two are complete, Volumes II and III.

Unfortunately, because of that, there is nothing I can really say of them except that I gave the stories such a rating because, aside from the obvious sexual themes and content, there is a literal inhuman amount of alcohol consumption in this story as well as graphic descriptions of violence and gore and a certain someone has an affinity for strong profanity.

Echoes of the Little Gods

The Love in the Blood

Supernatural/tragedy | adult rating

This is the third volume in God Noise, a supernatural novel within the Echoes of the Little Gods series, that is in two canon volumes. Nothing in this story is canon.

Unfortunately, like The Thing is Dead, being the absolute last story in the series means I cannot (or rather don't want to) give anything away. The rating is for strong profanity and bloody violence.

Echoes of the Little Gods

Stories by Mar Qaroll: Lineup

Here, you can find the general "lineup", of sorts, for all of my stories ever—as of 2017, anyway. Anything before 2017 might eventually join these beauties one day when I get around to rewriting them. All works will be announced on my Facebook page, here. I hope you look forward to my future work!

Current Series of Focus

The Molt Series
Inverse Sequences
Echoes of the Little Gods
How the Devil Shed SkinParanormal/RomanceThe Molt SeriesAnthologyComplete
Human Shed Skin: InhumanParanormal/RomanceThe Molt SeriesNovelComplete
Human Shed Skin: HumanParanormalThe Molt SeriesNovelComplete
Passions of the LuneParanormal/Romance-loosely The Molt Series-NovellaComplete
The Thing is Dead Vol. IISci-fantasy/RomanceInverse SequencesNovelComplete
The Thing is Dead Vol. III: What If?Sci-fantasy/RomanceInverse SequencesShort storyComplete
God Noise Vol. III: What If?Sci-fantasy/TragedyEchoes of the Little GodsNovellaComplete

Future & Incomplete Stories

DEATH: The Cidal CycleParanormalThe Molt Series-?-In development
Monster Cast DownParanormal/RomanceThe Molt SeriesNovelIn development
Human Shed Skin: HybridParanormalThe Molt SeriesNovelIn progress
Long Live the ThingScience-fantasyInverse SequencesNovellaIn progress
Ice & SpaceRomanceInverse SequencesAnthologyIn progress
Twinkle and the EyeScience-fantasyInverse SequencesNovellaIn development
Darkness and Silver LiningScience-fantasyInverse SequencesNovelIn progress
The Thing is Dead Vol. ISci-fantasy/RomanceInverse SequencesNovelIn development
Snake's EyesSupernaturalEchoes of the Little GodsNovellaIn development
When We Were YoungRomance/SupernaturalEchoes of the Little GodsNovellaIn development
As the Raven FliesSupernaturalEchoes of the Little GodsNovellaIn progress
God Noise Vol. ISupernaturalEchoes of the Little GodsNovel Vol.In progress
God Noise Vol. IISupernatural/RomanceEchoes of the Little GodsNovel Vol.In development

More Stories

This list consists of stories still in very early development or are relatively unknown to me even if I have some material for them. Take note that these stories are considerably different from the stories I am currently working on, save for Echoes of the Little Gods. It's exciting and new, but they are much more difficult to work on and develop.

-Alice in Wonderland retelling-HorrorThe Wunder SeriesNovelIn early development
As Gods Made UsSupernaturalHierarchy of Deities-?-In early development
BastardedDystopia----?-In early development
Beating the Dead GodParanormal/Tragedy----?-In early development
-Pinocchio retelling-Adult Fairytale----?-Somewhat in progress
BoogeymanHorror/RomanceTales of the Dark ChildrenNovelIn development
Demons(s) & The Bad BreedParanormal/Romance----?-In early development
Until Gods Forsake UsSupernaturalHierarchy of Deities-?-In early development
-Prequel of AiW-Psych. HorrorThe Wunder SeriesNovellaIn early development
Son With the GunsSci-Fi/Romance----?-In early development
Tall ManHorror/RomanceTales of the Dark Children-?-In early development
TecromamedoiHorror/Romance----?-In early development
-The origins of Halloween story-Horror/Fairytale---NoveletteIn early development

Stories by Mar Qaroll: The Molt Series

The Molt Series is a paranormal series consisting of a total of six stories following the Lowell family of inhuman hunters and the devil hybrid who loves them. It has a subseries, Human Shed Skin, that specifically tells the story of Jean-Luc Lowell in his latter adult years. The other three stories follow the devil hybrid known as Celezar. Since 2017, it has a total of three stories complete: The first two novels in Human Shed Skin and the anthology How the Devil Shed Skin (formerly known as Molted Whispers).

Within the world of TMOLT is the separate story, Passions of the Lune.

The World Anvil "wiki" can be accessed by clicking the image below!!

The Molt Series | The House of Qaroll

The Molt Series.

God Noise

Book One: Inhuman

During an emergency response to an attack by Infernals, inhuman hunter Jean-Luc is nearly killed by a B-Class Infernal, only to be saved by a tentacle emerging from his best friend and lover, Celezar. While dealing with this revelation of Celezar's inhumanity, he learns the attack was the first in a chain of incidents around the continent instigated by creatures far more powerful than anything his family has ever dealt with.

With Celezar stubbornly remaining in his life, he is torn between his love for him and the dogma of his family, all while dealing with the new threat looming over the heads of humankind across the continent.

Book Two: Human


God Noise

Stories by Mar Qaroll: Inverse Sequences

Inverse Sequences is a science-fantasy series consisting of five stories following Bastar of Traig, the protagonist, and later, Briel of Iri, his ward and the deuteragonist. It is a story of Light and Darkness surrounding Bastar's life, who happens to be a living manifestation of Darkness, during a time of a great war throughout his solar system.

Of the five stories, only two volumes of a single novel are complete. Unfortunately, that novel is the last in the series, so there's not much to say about it...

The World Anvil "wiki" can be accessed by clicking the image below!!

Inverse Sequences

Stories by Mar Qaroll: Echoes of the Little Gods

Echoes of the Little Gods is a supernatural series mainly following the Snake, an immortal with dangerous ulterior motives during a time of war between the leader of his species and the man who raised him, the Coyote. Along his journey to tell the horrible truth of existence, he meets, befriends, and eventually loves the Raven, a being that should not exist.

In March 2020, I added three more stories to the world of EcoLiGo, creating a new series. Aaand in April, I added one more story.

Finally, in April 2020, EcoLiGo became the subsidiary of a larger series called Hierarchy of Deities.

The World Anvil "wiki" can be accessed by clicking the image below!!

Echoes of the Little Gods